Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This plane runs Linux

Less than two hours until I touch down in Dublin. It'll be 5am local
time. What a thought!

Aer Lingus is a fantasic airline. Im on a brand new Airbus A330 with
screens in all the seats. It's a big, quiet plane with cool space-age
cabin lights and a startlingly attractive Irish crew. It's about 1/3
capacity, so I have plenty of room. The pinnacle of the experience,
though, was that I sat down to a Linux boot screen embedded in the
seat in front of me.

It's not all perfect-- The kernel runs a bunch of proprietary
modules. *sigh*

Just kidding. It's great. The only thing that might improve my
flight would be if the electronics store I tried to buy headphones
from wasn't closed for Yom Kippur. Only New York!

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