Monday, October 15, 2007

NHS (continued)

I went in, told the doctor what the deal was, and he put a prescription in my hand. For free*. This is how medicine needs to work in first world countries.

I'm going to try my best to see the changing of the guard today. Also the national gallery.

*Actually, I have to pay the flat prescription fee of 6 pounds. But I can handle that. Fo sho.


Julianna said...

YAY! Prescription finally.

Gregg Ose said...

Alex, speaking of changing of the guards, your Sehawks need to change their guards as well as their tackles and running backs. You picked a good time to be away from Seattle. It means you don't have to watch bad football. Glad you are feeling better. When I heard you voice on the phone I thought you were either trying to be sexy or your voice was not working so well. Rest up big guy.