Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stockholm (cont.)

I bought some jeans, even though I don't really have room for them. Hmm.

On the way back to the city center, I stumbled across some interesting sights, like the Royal Palace and some really cool, old streets filled with antique shops. Stockholm, as you know, came out of WWII unscathed and as such is full of well preserved old buildings.

The shopping here is excellent and full of great winter clothes. Mom, you would like Stockholm a lot.

I'm leaving here on the 4:40 train to Linkoping, then I meet up with Jacob.


Margaret said...

Wish I was there. Off to play tennis with my Swedish friend Ulla Olsen. She is a fierce tennis player, also very attractive. I bet she would have no problem with those escalators. Love Ya!

Gregg Ose said...

Alex, glad you are enjoying your homeland. Have you heard any good Norwegian jokes. Those Swedes love to tell stupid Norwegian jokes. They are just jealous.

Thought you would like to know that Skyler is in Dubai. She will be gone before you get there. She wanted to compare the modern construction in that region with the pyramids in Egypt. Those guys in Egypt didn't even have laptops when they built those things. Maybe computers are overrated.

Also, I ran into friend just back from Singapore. He said it is the most amazing city in the world. Perhaps you should visit there as well. They are doing a lot of the same type of land creation and construction. And don't forget to visit Bellevue soon. It is nice this time of year.

Amanda said...

alex, did you buy skinny jeans??? again???