Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Berlin

Sunday, so everything is closed. I really wish the optimitrist would open so I could buy Renu. I haven't worn my contacts since the airlines confiscated my solution for the second time.

Travel essentials #2: Put contact solution in your pocket instead of your toiletries bag because it's impossible to find a small enough bottle to take on board.

Anyway, we checked out the remaining Berlin wall today and took some band photos. It's funny what people decide to graffiti on there.

And to answer your question, Amanda, they're not skinny jeans, but they're the untreated kind of denim that you have to break in yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Berlin looks very cool. It looks like it has tons of graffiti? Are graffiti artists respected like politcal satirists, or do they get arrested like here? The pictures are cool. somehow I couldn't figure out where you saw the three-wheeled car, though. Margaret