Thursday, June 26, 2008


I watched an excellent movie last night called "Outsourced".  It's not very well-known, which I suppose makes sense considering that it's a lighthearted, American-style, romantic comedy about a subject that makes Americans extremely uncomfortable.  Worse yet is that it was (mostly) written and developed by an Indian staff, who take an ostensibly positive stance on outsourcing.  So, for obvious logistical reasons, the movie never got its due in the theaters.

As is often the case, the parts of the movie that made it unattractive to the studios are the same things that made it interesting, funny, and believable:  It's a travel/adventure movie without an us-versus-them mentality, it's a romantic comedy without silly hijinks or cheap laughs, and it's an American film where the ethnic leads are smart, independent, and worldly.  It's well-paced, has several interesting plot lines, and rarely succumbs to sitcom humor even when the situations are rife with opportunity.  Case in point:  It goes to India, and escapes with only a few digestion-tract jokes. 

Overall, the movie is smart, simple, clean, and polished.  From start to finish.  It's the romantic comedy version of a piece of high-end Scandinavian furniture.  I can't recommend it enough.