Friday, April 04, 2014

App week: 5

Home stretch!

I managed to check a few things off on the front end.  Most importantly, the icons, styling, and markup are all done.  Location services seems to be working.

One worry I have is that my app is absurdly simple in functionality.  I've read that Apple will reject apps that are too simple, which doesn't bode well for my short timetable.  I might have to look at shoehorning in a settings menu, interactive maps, or some other nonsense.

My experience with Cordova thus far has been positive, although there are a ton of obvious pain points.  For example, deploying an icon for your app-- It's probably one of the first things you do during the development process-- took me about an hour and a half because of all the sizing issues.

It would be easy to un-suck Cordova with some simple hooks and scripts.  The authors got pretty close, but it's nowhere near as smooth as, say, an Express install (although it does share much of the same technology).

How about a version of Cordova that's just the Javascript API and compliation tools?  Anyone?

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