Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last day in Budapest!

I went to the train station today at around noon and bought a ticket
for Bucharest. It's another long train ride tonight, but at least
this time I'm confident I know what I'm doing. I'm looking forward to
getting into Bucharest. It's supposed to still have a lot of Soviet
influence. Also, I've got a nice hostel booked. And I'm just that
much closer to Dubai.

My Australian friends, Hugh and Lucy, left for Vienna, so I'll have to
find some other englIsh-speakers to harass. Maybe I'll find some on
the train! Who knows.

After they left, I went around the city and took pictures of
buildings. As far as buildings go, Budapest has some pretty amazing
ones. The parlament buildings make the ones in London look silly by

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Gregg Ose said...

Alex, it was great to hear your voice this morning. You sounded a little tired, but much wiser than when you left Seattle. Hope things worked out on the train. Those hair dryer seats must get pretty old. A nice train bed would feel much better. Glad you got to watch the Seahawks. They seem to be more effective with #37 pacing the sidelines in his white parka. Just glad the parka didn't have pink trim.
I hear Bucharest is a lot like Paris except completely different. Perhaps it would be exactly like Paris if so much of it hadn't been wasted over the years. Let us know what you see.