Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Update

Since Tuesday, I have been more flu-ridden than I ever remember being in my adult life.  The last time I remember being this ill, the Princess Bride was a relatively new movie and I was being spoon-fed chicken noodle soup and drinking 7-up through a straw.  This time didn't go as well, beginning with a distinct lack of chicken noodle soup and eventually transforming into an annoying and expensive case of pneumonia.  There's a lesson to be learned, here.  However, I'm finally on the road to wellness, and for that I am grateful.

Moving on.

I'm excited to say that I finally reconfigured one of my favorite applications for any platform-- MobilePushr, a Flickr uploader for iPhone.  It's a stunning example of how high function can be met with an absolutely minimal interface.  It's a very simple program in concept (push a button, upload all photos that haven't already been uploaded, done) but its existence completely changes the way I use my cameraphone.  It just does exactly what I want it to do and nothing else.  The author exercised remarkable restraint by not including a bunch of useless features.

I am still working at Old Town Computers and enjoying it immensely.  I'm also working on my web design side-project, XOdesign.  Yet, I am becoming wary of those guys who call themselves "Web Producers", wear business casual even though they work at home, and hammer out 15 identical Wordpress-based Web 2.0 disasters every day, then keep a blog about the newest trends in typeface.  I never thought I'd come close to becoming one of them, but here I am at the gates of the lamest Internet fraternity.

It's supposed to snow six inches tomorrow.  Maybe I'll take some pictures of that happening.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are feeling better.