Friday, February 22, 2008

Alex's office: Wherin lies the world's worst computer setup

I haven't signed up for cable or DSL yet.  This is mostly because my apartment has excellent line-of-sight with several residential buildings.  There's enough wifi out there to seriously entertain thoughts of saving 35 dollars a month on having a dedicated connection.  

However, I've learned first hand that saving money on something doesn't necessarily increase its overall value-- Which leads me to a short tour of my new "office":

Let's start with my wireless antenna.  It's poked through a hole in the screen.  Since the cord has to run through the window, I can't close it completely, which makes the room colder.  The blue masking tape is to hold it in place in case of a gust of wind blows it open.

The other end of the cord runs to my computer, which, because of a power supply failure a year ago, now occupies a blue plastic storage container.  I didn't feel like buying a shuttle-branded PSU for five times as much simply to keep the case in tact.  

The rest of my computer is on the floor because I don't have a desk yet.

When I have guests over, I share the bootleg signal to my broken-down laptop (which has neither working speakers, fans, expansion RAM slots, or batteries) via ethernet, which in turn shares it over a wireless network called "The World's Most Ghetto Internet".

I mean, I'd get a job and buy some new equipment, but I'm almost proud of how terrible it is at this point.


Gregg Ose said...

Alex, it is great to see you living in such splendor. We will look for you in Renter's Monthly.

Maluhia said...

I think your living has improved slightly in the past few days.

Also, gregg ose is your hugest fan. I am your heaviest though.

Anonymous said...

I like your IBM clicky keyboard. Those are my favorite kind!